I wanna puppy, and a golden octopus, and maybe the moon, please Mommy?


Is it just me, or do people spend way too much time and money on their child’s first birthday parties? I mean, honestly, your kiddo isn’t even going to remember it. One of my friends just had her daughter’s first birthday party, and she rented out a park, had it catered, custom ordered a three layer cake, and bought her baby a stack of very expensive toys.

We’re going the opposite route. We’re having a party at home with homemade banana cake, one layer, with vanilla frosting. We might rent a bouncy castle for the older kids that are coming. The babies will crawl around in my living room and play with toys. There will be homemade mac and cheese, and a fruit and veggie tray. We’re going to get pictures taken, and we’ve asked the guests to bring donations for a local charity organization.

In short, we’re keeping it small. We’re not buying our one year old piles of toys, because frankly, we don’t want him to expect to have things heaped on him every year. We’re not renting anywhere out, and we’re not hiring a catering service. I’ll repeat- HE WON’T EVEN REMEMBER IT. I want him to feel loved on his birthday, not overwhelmed by a new place and tons of people and piles of unfamiliar toys and food.


Beauty School Dropout (who hasn’t dropped out)

The local beauty school had a cut-a-thon to raise money for victims of the Boston Marathon on Saturday, so my husband and I popped by for super-duper cheap haircuts. Our normal haircut routine and budget are something like this:

Husband: $10/week x 52 weeks in a year = $520. Ah, Military.

Me: $30 x 2 a year = $60. Ah, expensive SoCal.

Our haircuts at the beauty school came out to $5 each, plus a $2 tip each. $14 for two haircuts? Yes please!

The girls there did a great job on my hair. I have thick, copious, straight, forgiving, easy peasy hair. Seriously, you could cut it with a weed whacker and within two days it’ll settle down into a nice style.

My husband, on the other hand, has thick, copious, curly, cowlick-y, grows-in-all-directions thatch. On top of which he needed a low fade, which my girl informed me were the LAST thing they teach you, because they’re really hard. Especially on curly hair that has eight cowlicks and doesn’t all grow in the same direction.

I got done in about five seconds flat. Apparently my layers were cut using the wrong technique, but I could care less. My hair looks great!

My husband sat there for an hour and a half while the poor student who got stuck with him hemmed and hawed and finally summoned an instructor, who patted her consolingly on the shoulder and proceeded to teach her how to give a low fade. Every student in the school came up with an excuse to walk past her station to get a peek at the action, and his hair came out a little uneven on one side.

However, we were asked to come back next week to let another student get some experience. And since my husband is in a battalion that’s super relaxed, it’s not a huge deal that one side is a quarter inch longer than the other. Worst case, he could have gone up to a medium fade, and absolute worst case, he could have shaved his head and still had to go for a haircut the next week.

Long story short- I recommend beauty schools for haircuts! Who doesn’t love saving some money? I would suggest that you be easygoing, though. If you’re a stickler for your EXACT style EXACTLY that way, don’t go.


Fine Time For A Floorbed

Yesterday was Father’s Day, and my husband was woken up by the sound of Little Man shaking his crib apart.

Literally, it was coming apart at the seams. When he wakes up he wants to be out of bed NOW. And playing with Daddy NOW.

So yesterday, we spent the better part of my husband’s first Father’s Day turning our room into a Montessori-style toddler room. We picked everything off our floor, cornered off our electronics, got rid of the crib, and put LM’s mattress on the floor. We even put a basket of quiet toys in the corner so he can entertain himself when he wakes up.                                                                          Image

It didn’t work for a nap. Everything was too exciting and new.

I had to lay down with him to get him to go to sleep last night.

But we have high hopes! We like the fact that he can get up when he wakes up, and doesn’t have to yell for us to do it. We’re hoping all the claims will be correct, like “It makes your child confident!”

But most of all, I like that my husband has to keep our room clean!



Everyone’s heard the fact that your stomach is the size of your fist. My son’s is nowhere near that size. His is more like this size.


Seriously, my kiddo can eat more than I can.

We went to IHOP the other day after church (yes, it was a shameless bribe to get my husband to  go with us) and ordered Little Man a cup of water with a lid, a kid’s cheese omelette, and a fruit cup. BEFORE HIS MEAL EVEN ARRIVED, he had sucked down the entire cup of water.

He then proceeded to eat the ENTIRE two or three egg omelette, the ENTIRE fruit cup, and HALF of Daddy’s stack of three pancakes, in addition to TWO extra cups of water.

He then spent the remainder of the meal staring at the older gentleman next to us and yelling, “BA! BA!”, which usually means “SHARE WITH ME NOW! I’M WITHERING AWAY!!!”

On the way home, he ate a whole banana and a banana nut muffin. Not a mini-muffin, either.

Yes, we’ve had him examined.

I’m very worried for the teenage years. I have a feeling Little Man’s college fund will have to go to feeding him.


Diaper Crazy

I’ve come to a realization. It’s time for me to get rid of some of my diapers.


Right now, I have five FuzziBunz, ten China Cheapies, three SoftBums, two Grovias, six WAHMs, one BumGenius, two Bear Monkey Bottoms, a Happy Flute, and a Dr. Seuss cover that I can’t remember the brand of. Yesterday, I ordered four more Bear Monkey Bottoms, a Little Butt, and a Fluff & Stuff. For the mathematically challenged, that comes to… 31 I currently own, and 6 on the way. 37 seems a little excessive.

But how do you get rid of diapers? They’re like your friends. I love them! The airplanes, the aliens, the owls, and the tractors are like a part of our family.

I took the plunge, though, and now we’re down to 30. That’s a good number, I think.

Try to take more of my diapers, though, and bad things will happen to your soul.



My husband and I mutually agreed to vaccinate our children. He was vaccinated in childhood, and I was vaccinated only when it came time to go to college and I couldn’t get in without them. Take it from me- getting all your shots senior year SUCKS.

We haven’t been exactly on time with our son’s shots. He got his two and four month shots on time, but his six month appointment was delayed because of scheduling, and when we took him in he was sick. I absolutely refused to make him get a shot while he was that sick. The long and short of it was that he got his six month shots at his nine month appointment, which took place yesterday, at the age of almost 11 months.

On a side note, Naval Hospitals aren’t too concerned with having enough appointment slots to go around.

Anyways, our son woke up this morning and was scary floppy. He couldn’t sit up. He couldn’t stand. I put him down and he STAYED THERE. He hasn’t stayed in one place since he learned to roll. After a trip to the ER, I was sent home with infant’s Motrin and the assurance that he was just sore.

This has alarmed me enough that I don’t want to get the rest of his shots for a while. It’s scary to find your son, who normally crawls around faster than the speed of light to *BAM* pull down that fragile thing over there on the table, just laying there. I don’t want something even worse to happen. The internet doesn’t help- have you ever Googled “Vaccine side effects baby”? It’s enough to drive a mommy to have a glass of wine.

So, that’s going to be the dinnertime conversation at our house.