My husband and I mutually agreed to vaccinate our children. He was vaccinated in childhood, and I was vaccinated only when it came time to go to college and I couldn’t get in without them. Take it from me- getting all your shots senior year SUCKS.

We haven’t been exactly on time with our son’s shots. He got his two and four month shots on time, but his six month appointment was delayed because of scheduling, and when we took him in he was sick. I absolutely refused to make him get a shot while he was that sick. The long and short of it was that he got his six month shots at his nine month appointment, which took place yesterday, at the age of almost 11 months.

On a side note, Naval Hospitals aren’t too concerned with having enough appointment slots to go around.

Anyways, our son woke up this morning and was scary floppy. He couldn’t sit up. He couldn’t stand. I put him down and he STAYED THERE. He hasn’t stayed in one place since he learned to roll. After a trip to the ER, I was sent home with infant’s Motrin and the assurance that he was just sore.

This has alarmed me enough that I don’t want to get the rest of his shots for a while. It’s scary to find your son, who normally crawls around faster than the speed of light to *BAM* pull down that fragile thing over there on the table, just laying there. I don’t want something even worse to happen. The internet doesn’t help- have you ever Googled “Vaccine side effects baby”? It’s enough to drive a mommy to have a glass of wine.

So, that’s going to be the dinnertime conversation at our house.


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