Diaper Crazy

I’ve come to a realization. It’s time for me to get rid of some of my diapers.


Right now, I have five FuzziBunz, ten China Cheapies, three SoftBums, two Grovias, six WAHMs, one BumGenius, two Bear Monkey Bottoms, a Happy Flute, and a Dr. Seuss cover that I can’t remember the brand of. Yesterday, I ordered four more Bear Monkey Bottoms, a Little Butt, and a Fluff & Stuff. For the mathematically challenged, that comes to… 31 I currently own, and 6 on the way. 37 seems a little excessive.

But how do you get rid of diapers? They’re like your friends. I love them! The airplanes, the aliens, the owls, and the tractors are like a part of our family.

I took the plunge, though, and now we’re down to 30. That’s a good number, I think.

Try to take more of my diapers, though, and bad things will happen to your soul.


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