Everyone’s heard the fact that your stomach is the size of your fist. My son’s is nowhere near that size. His is more like this size.


Seriously, my kiddo can eat more than I can.

We went to IHOP the other day after church (yes, it was a shameless bribe to get my husband to  go with us) and ordered Little Man a cup of water with a lid, a kid’s cheese omelette, and a fruit cup. BEFORE HIS MEAL EVEN ARRIVED, he had sucked down the entire cup of water.

He then proceeded to eat the ENTIRE two or three egg omelette, the ENTIRE fruit cup, and HALF of Daddy’s stack of three pancakes, in addition to TWO extra cups of water.

He then spent the remainder of the meal staring at the older gentleman next to us and yelling, “BA! BA!”, which usually means “SHARE WITH ME NOW! I’M WITHERING AWAY!!!”

On the way home, he ate a whole banana and a banana nut muffin. Not a mini-muffin, either.

Yes, we’ve had him examined.

I’m very worried for the teenage years. I have a feeling Little Man’s college fund will have to go to feeding him.


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