Fine Time For A Floorbed

Yesterday was Father’s Day, and my husband was woken up by the sound of Little Man shaking his crib apart.

Literally, it was coming apart at the seams. When he wakes up he wants to be out of bed NOW. And playing with Daddy NOW.

So yesterday, we spent the better part of my husband’s first Father’s Day turning our room into a Montessori-style toddler room. We picked everything off our floor, cornered off our electronics, got rid of the crib, and put LM’s mattress on the floor. We even put a basket of quiet toys in the corner so he can entertain himself when he wakes up.                                                                          Image

It didn’t work for a nap. Everything was too exciting and new.

I had to lay down with him to get him to go to sleep last night.

But we have high hopes! We like the fact that he can get up when he wakes up, and doesn’t have to yell for us to do it. We’re hoping all the claims will be correct, like “It makes your child confident!”

But most of all, I like that my husband has to keep our room clean!


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