Beauty School Dropout (who hasn’t dropped out)

The local beauty school had a cut-a-thon to raise money for victims of the Boston Marathon on Saturday, so my husband and I popped by for super-duper cheap haircuts. Our normal haircut routine and budget are something like this:

Husband: $10/week x 52 weeks in a year = $520. Ah, Military.

Me: $30 x 2 a year = $60. Ah, expensive SoCal.

Our haircuts at the beauty school came out to $5 each, plus a $2 tip each. $14 for two haircuts? Yes please!

The girls there did a great job on my hair. I have thick, copious, straight, forgiving, easy peasy hair. Seriously, you could cut it with a weed whacker and within two days it’ll settle down into a nice style.

My husband, on the other hand, has thick, copious, curly, cowlick-y, grows-in-all-directions thatch. On top of which he needed a low fade, which my girl informed me were the LAST thing they teach you, because they’re really hard. Especially on curly hair that has eight cowlicks and doesn’t all grow in the same direction.

I got done in about five seconds flat. Apparently my layers were cut using the wrong technique, but I could care less. My hair looks great!

My husband sat there for an hour and a half while the poor student who got stuck with him hemmed and hawed and finally summoned an instructor, who patted her consolingly on the shoulder and proceeded to teach her how to give a low fade. Every student in the school came up with an excuse to walk past her station to get a peek at the action, and his hair came out a little uneven on one side.

However, we were asked to come back next week to let another student get some experience. And since my husband is in a battalion that’s super relaxed, it’s not a huge deal that one side is a quarter inch longer than the other. Worst case, he could have gone up to a medium fade, and absolute worst case, he could have shaved his head and still had to go for a haircut the next week.

Long story short- I recommend beauty schools for haircuts! Who doesn’t love saving some money? I would suggest that you be easygoing, though. If you’re a stickler for your EXACT style EXACTLY that way, don’t go.


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