I wanna puppy, and a golden octopus, and maybe the moon, please Mommy?


Is it just me, or do people spend way too much time and money on their child’s first birthday parties? I mean, honestly, your kiddo isn’t even going to remember it. One of my friends just had her daughter’s first birthday party, and she rented out a park, had it catered, custom ordered a three layer cake, and bought her baby a stack of very expensive toys.

We’re going the opposite route. We’re having a party at home with homemade banana cake, one layer, with vanilla frosting. We might rent a bouncy castle for the older kids that are coming. The babies will crawl around in my living room and play with toys. There will be homemade mac and cheese, and a fruit and veggie tray. We’re going to get pictures taken, and we’ve asked the guests to bring donations for a local charity organization.

In short, we’re keeping it small. We’re not buying our one year old piles of toys, because frankly, we don’t want him to expect to have things heaped on him every year. We’re not renting anywhere out, and we’re not hiring a catering service. I’ll repeat- HE WON’T EVEN REMEMBER IT. I want him to feel loved on his birthday, not overwhelmed by a new place and tons of people and piles of unfamiliar toys and food.


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