20 Chore Tuesday- My Kitchen is in My Living Room

Today on 20 Chore Tuesday, I’ll be moving my entire kitchen out of my living room. We had the pest guys come yesterday to spray for ants (again), and unfortunately we had to take everything out of the cabinets and drawers, clear off the counters, and leave the house for 4 hours with the baby, dog, cat, and tarantula. Man, was it a pain.


Here we go:


  1. Wrote this blog post.
  2. Sold a coffee table I rescued from the curb! Free $10!
  3. Loaded digital coupons onto my Commissary savings card in preparation for my next shopping trip!
  4. Wiped off the kitchen counters
  5. Cleared off the upper part of the kitchen counter and filed all the papers in our In box.
  6. Sold a Power Wheel car I rescued from the curb! Free $20!
  7. Made a pot of slow cooker beans. Unfortunately, I started them late and they didn’t cook, so they’ll be for tomorrow’s dinner.
  8. Made a quick dinner of spaghetti.
  9. Organized part of our garage for our upcoming garage sale! Most of the items in the sale were rescued from the curb, which means (say it with me) FREE MONEY!
  10. Did last Tuesday’s homework. It’s not due until Sunday, so I’m not behind yet!
  11. Stuffed some diapers so our baby doesn’t go nekked.
  12. Decided we’ll switch to Virgin Mobile in December. It’s cheaper for us to pay the early termination fee, buy two new phones, and pay for the new plan than it would be for us to stay with our current plan. Plus, with the new plan, we’ll have double the talking minutes and unlimited data.
  13. Did a load of dishes.


  1. Clear off the kitchen table (Seriously, how does so much stuff accumulate here in one week??)
  2. Unpack the box of stuff from the pantry
  3. Unpack the box of dishes
  4. Try to fix our budget after some surprise expenses left us drained.
  5. List some of the bigger stuff on Craigslist in the hopes it’ll free some space in our garage. Otherwise, I may have to bribe Hubby to take the boat out on our yard sale day, and ask Grandma to come over.
  6. Do a load of laundry, lest the family go nekked.
  7. Pick up in the dining room.

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