Frugal Goings-On

It’s important to keep tabs on the little frugal things you do every week, if only to feel accomplished. Here’s the frugal things I did this week.

  1. I found 33 cents on the sidewalk and popped it all into our change jar. Once in a while we take the change jar to our credit union and dump it in the Coinstar machine, since members aren’t charged the usual fee. It always goes in my son’s savings account, for college/ first car/ wedding/ whatever.
  2. We continued using cloth diapers, and I washed them with Tide I got on sale, with stacked coupons.
  3. I made some sourdough starter. My husband loves sourdough bread from Panera, but at $4 per loaf, I decided to see if I could make my own.
  4. I sold a child’s soccer goal, basketball hoop, and night stand that I picked up off the curb. I made $20 total, which is tax-free pure profit!
  5. I started on our taxes. Even though all our papers haven’t gotten here yet, our refund is looking nice and fat. We’ll put at least half of it towards paying off our highest interest debt (my husband’s car loan), and the other half we’ll invest.

We’re all only human, and we had some frugal fails this week too. Namely:

  1. We ate out a lot. Like, most of our meals. I’m 3 months pregnant, and at this point I feel like a yogurt tube that was squeezed out. I’m hoping to get better about this next week, and I’m going to utilize our crock pot a lot this week.
  2. We paid to overnight my husband’s truck’s title paperwork to Wyoming, only to have it mailed back because the PMO officer who filled out the VIN form didn’t fill in the VIN. I was ticked. $50 down the toilet.

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