Even More Frugal Happenings

We had a frugal week, to make up slightly for our awful, terrible, no good week of eating out. To save money this week, we:


  • Had a yard sale with all things I’ve picked up off the curb. I know I talk about curb shopping a lot on this blog, but guess how much money (tax-free, pure profit) I made in 5 hours? Ready? $319. Yes, you read that right, $319 of FREE MONEY. All I had to do was haul the stuff home, clean it up, display it nicely, and sit in the garage.
  • Deposited a $26 check from the electric company for keeping our usage under the lower buffer for our area. That’s even more free money!
  • Listed our boat on Craigslist. We never take it out, mostly because it’s big and a pain to hitch it up to the truck. We have a buyer lined up, they just have to wait for tax season. $600 will be coming our way from that!
  • Bought two kayaks for $340. This might not seem frugal, but kayaking is something we like to do as a family, and rentals cost us $50 a clip for 2 hours. If we use them 7 times, we’ve saved ourselves $10, and anything more than that is better. So far we’ve used them twice! (We learned the baby loves to kayak, and the dog is not thrilled. Not thrilled at all.)
  • Bought Hubby’s contacts through Swagbucks. When we get 2500 points,we trade it in for $25 on PayPal, which we can then deposit into our bank account! We also book hotels through Swagbucks.
  • Found a $10 gift card Barnes and Noble sent us for being members for 4 years. The membership itself is $25 a year, and we like to go there for books we can’t find used, and for coffee. It ends up paying for itself in our case, especially when I have to buy my annual aviation publications.
  • Located a $20 I didn’t know I had in my card holder! Might not be frugal, per se, but finding money you didn’t know you had is always thrilling.
  • Had an interview for a babysitting job this week. It’ll just be for 3 hours, but I might as well watch two kids and get paid for it rather than just watching one!

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