20 Chore Tuesday- Where the h%*$ are my keys?

Today is Tuesday, which means it’s time for 20 Chore Tuesday! I’m feeling very productive today, and kind of like I’m nesting. Eeeexcellent…


Also, I lost my car keys at some point this weekend. My brother in law borrowed my car to go pick up the title for his car, and I haven’t seen my keys since. I tore things apart looking for them yesterday, but we have so. much. clutter. right now. We also need to locate the title to the boat we’re trying to sell, as I recently realized it’s missing too. I am a woman on a mission. The keys and title will be found. The extra crap lurking in my drawers will be disposed of. And you will be assimilated. Resistance is futile. We are the Borg- Anyways, here we go. Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s get ready to accompliiiiiiiiiissssshhhhhh…


Find my goddamn keys and title edition

  1. Clean off the Chinese buffet and the areas on either side of it. This is where I think my keys are. And seriously, how much stuff can pile up here in such a short space of time? The answer is too much. Just too much.
  2. Haul the bundles of antique rugs my mom left in the hallway upstairs. I’m sick of tripping over them, and frankly, they’re an eyesore. This one might have to wait until Hubby gets home, since those bundles get HEAVY and I don’t think my uterus muscles are up for the task.
  3. Water the plants in the garden, and the fabulous Staghorn Ferns we have dangling off of the pantry door. They’re great!
  4. Organize the kitchen drawers. This may sound daunting, but we really only have eight drawers in our kitchen, most of which are almost empty because LM can reach inside.
  5. Address a care package to my BFF that came back to me. She had knee surgery, and I’m really mad that the box didn’t get to her sooner. I can’t mail the package until I find my GODDAMN KEYS, but it’ll at least have an address.
  6. Pack a care package for our two deployed friends. We haven’t sent one in a while because money has been tight.
  7. Clean off the divider between our dining room and kitchen. It’s a weird little half wall that accumulates stuff like a magnet.


images (1)

  1. Did a load of laundry. There was a load in the washer and a load in the dryer from last night, so I folded and dried them. They are now put away, and I am one happy clam because of that.
  2. Scrubbed my stove. It looks much, much better clean. I run the burners through the dishwasher every time I have room, so they stay fairly clean.
  3. Cleared off my kitchen counters. Love me some empty counters!
  4. Wiped down said clear kitchen counters.
  5. Cleared off the shelf above the counter. It looks SO much better clean and empty.
  6. Updated our shopping list. We needed milk, celery, yogurt, and bread.
  7. Stuffed some diapers, lest LM go bare bottomed. We’re working on potty training because he’s interested in the potty, but we are so not ready to go diaperless yet. Yesterday LM was sitting on the potty and started peeing. He STOOD UP while in mid-stream to see what was going on down there. Cute, but my bathroom still smells like bleach. Maybe we’ll have Hubby teach him about peeing standing up soon.
  8. Did a load of dishes. LM is old enough now that he helps me unload the dishwasher, by bringing me one dish at a time, and proudly proclaiming, “This! This!” every time he hands it to me. Super cute! I do remove all the knives and sharp things before I let him help with this task.
  9. Cleaned off the kitchen table. Hubby and his brother were working on their RC cars on it the other day, and there was dirt, grass, RC car parts, tools, dishes, and all sorts of grodies all over the place. It’s lovely and clean now!
  10. Picked up everything on the floor in the kitchen and dining room. This was mostly toys and dog bones. This is turning into an ongoing project as the day progresses
  11. Vacuumed and mopped the kitchen and dining room floors. They look a gazillion times better! Seriously, it’s crazy how much of a difference a vacuum and mop make.
  12. Made dinner. We had lasagna rolls and ravioli with leftover spaghetti sauce, asparagus, and a salad.
  13. Washed LM’s car seat. It’s in the house because we took Hubby’s new truck to the Super Bowl party, so now is a perfect time since we can’t go anywhere because I can’t find my GODDAMN KEYS. Just a reminder- NEVER wash car seat straps. It removes the coating and can compromise their safety. Just wipe them down with a wet rag, and call it good. Also a reminder- read your manual to make sure you put everything together properly. It’s your child’s life, don’t guess. BONUS- I washed his high chair cover with the car seat cover, and I feel much better about both now!

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