Co-Sleeping Our Way

The exciting news around here is that we’re expecting baby number 2! He or she is due right around LM’s birthday, so that should be interesting. A jealous just 2-year-old and a newborn.


Anyways, this has made us re-evaluate our sleeping arrangements. Right now, we live in a three bedroom house. With this new addition on the way, we will rate a four bedroom house on base, but considering Hubby has less than a year left in the Corps, we’re skipping out on moving just for an extra bedroom. LM has slept in our room ever since he was born. At first, this was because we were in a very small two bedroom apartment, and my mom was staying with us, so there wasn’t an option for him to have his own room. We quickly realized that having the newborn in our room, within inches of our bed, was much more conducive to sleep than having him down the hall would be. When he got a little older, we ended up switching to a routine where LM would be put to bed in his crib, then brought into our bed to nurse when he needed it. That way I could nurse him on my side and still get some sweet, blissful sleep.

Upon moving to the new house, we realized LM wasn’t ready for his own room. He likes to cuddle us in the morning, and if we’re not there when he wakes up he tearfully howls, “Mama? Mama?” until I rescue him. He sleeps in a toddler bed, and has been in a floor bed or toddler bed since he was 11 months old.

This means he can get up when he pleases, and doesn’t have to wait for us to remove him from the cage of a crib. It also means our room has to stay clean, which is a perk I like, and cords/small objects/books/etc need to be put away.

Now, with the new baby coming, we’ve been debating. Do we move LM into his own room? He’s not ready for it yet.

Do we set the crib back up and have both kids in our room? We think LM will sleep through a baby crying, but we’re not sure.

Do we forgo the crib and just use a co-sleeper? I like this idea, but Hubby is firmly against it.

Whatever we decide will ultimately be up to LM and the wee beast growing in my belly. We want the sleeping arrangement that allows all of us to get the most sleep possible.


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