A Shift In Focus

I’ve mentioned our debt before, but until recently it hasn’t been a huge factor in our lives. However, my mother recently moved out, taking her truck with her, and we decided to add another car to our household so we wouldn’t have a transportation issue. We now have a lot more debt than we did previously. With a second baby on the way and my husband’s EAS looming, we’re ready to do something about this debt.


I think public accountability will do a lot to help keep me on track with our budget, so twice a month I’ll be posting about our budget and our debt. I’m hoping this will help me stay on track, and inspire anyone who reads this who is under similar debt pressures.

In our household, I control the finances. Hubby is not a fan of math, finances, or saving money, so for us it made sense for me to control everything. This also makes it easier when Hubby deploys, since I’m not suddenly burdened with a bunch more financial tasks.

We use Mint.com to keep track of our finances, since it consolidates everything onto one page. I much prefer this one stop shopping approach to money.

We will be using the snowball debt reduction technique to reduce our debt, but instead of eliminating our debts based on size, we’ll be going in order of interest rate. I get unreasonably excited about seeing our debt go down to the next lowest thousand bracket (say from $10,xxx to $9,xxx), so I don’t feel like I need the thrill of a quick win to stay on board. We’ll save a lot of money in interest by using this method.


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