This Week In Frugality

Has it really been a whole week since my last frugality post? Wow… Time flies! This is what we did this week to save some buckaroos:


  • Took a walk around the Oceanside Marina instead of going out to eat, or to do something else that would cost money. Little Man loved the dogs and pelicans, and we have seen a sea lion here once or twice. Sadly, he wasn’t out this week.
  • Took a good, long look at our budgets on and reevaluated how much we could put towards paying off our $30,000 debt load. I’m happy to report that as of today, we only owe $29,578.29. It feels good to be under $30K!
  • Worked our Snowball debt repayment spreadsheet a little. We’re choosing to snowball in order of interest rates, since I’m fairly sure that I can focus on the long term and not get slogged down. I get excited every time we drop a debt into the next lowest thousand bracket, so why not save money by reducing the largest interest rate debt first?
  • Made dinner at home every night. This was a necessity, since snowballing has sucked up the majority of our monthly budget, which is just the way I like it. We do have enough in the budget for me to go out to coffee on Thursdays with my friends, and for us to go out for Thai at the street fair on Thursdays. This keeps us focused on the goal!
  • Used up several leftovers in other dishes. This included throwing some extra asparagus into chicken and noodles, and delivering some noodle casserole we weren’t thrilled with to the barracks when my husband was on duty (not frugal, but it kept it from being thrown out).
  • Changed our car insurance so we aren’t paying for medical coverage. We’re all fully insured through the military, so it made sense for us to drop this coverage, since it was something we were paying for while getting it for free. This will save us about $6 a month, I think.
  • Called and cancelled a charitable contribution thing we were doing every month. I felt guilty about this, but that extra $8 a month can help us pay off our debts 2 months sooner, so the guilt did evaporate pretty quickly.
  • Sold a double stroller, baby carrier, and something else (which is escaping my mind right now) from the curb. Made a free $40 on those three things.
  • Continued using cloth diapers, washed in Tide purchased on clearance at Target with a Target coupon, manufacturer’s coupon, and Cartwheel. Other bargains from this shopping trip were dishwasher soap (clearance, manufacturer’s coupon, Target coupon, and cartwheel), toilet paper (Target coupon, manufacturer’s coupon, and Cartwheel), and milk (Cartwheel).
  • Collected and washed a TON of hand-me-down clothes for baby #2. This kiddo will be very well-dressed!
  • Picked up a pristine baby mattress from the curb. Mattresses are not something I would normally touch, but I know the girl who put this out, and she is meticulously clean, plus the mattress is 2 months old (it still has the sticker from the factory on it!). This saved us somewhere in the area of $60 on our next child’s bed situation.

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