It’s Tax Refund Time!

It’s tax refund time! We’re getting a nice chunk of money back this year thanks to college and our son, combined with being in a very low tax bracket. Total, we got back around $5,730. How did we spend our tax refund?

ford-f150-1We took $5000 and put it towards paying off my husband’s truck.We bought this truck because my mom moved out, taking her truck with her. I wasn’t willing to get up at 4am twice a week to drive Hubby to work just so I could have a life outside of the house, so vehicle #2 entered our life. It’s a four door, which was my only requirement for a second vehicle, and it has a fancy lift kit on the front. Apparently it’s desirable. I just find it makes it harder to get in and out of the car at 5 months pregnant.

download (1)

We put $30 into our 4% interest earning savings account. It’s not very much, but we wanted to focus mostly on paying off debt, and I like working with big, round numbers instead of little, fiddly numbers.

eng_pl_LF-Woven-wrap-Pyrope-4-6-m--2539_1 IMG_2802_3d540c84-5d8b-44e1-9ad4-82d2e6d2ff02_large

We broke up the remaining $700 into two chunks, so we each got $350 of fun money. On our new debt busting budget, we don’t have extra money for fun activities outside of my coffee date once a week and our dinner out once a week, so we do feel that using part of our tax refund for fun is a good thing. If we got less of a tax refund, we probably wouldn’t do this. I used my chunk to buy these two carriers- the first is a Little Frog Pyrope wrap, which will be my very first wrap. The second is a Toddler Tula in Wave. These two came out to be somewhere around $250 total, which may seem like a lot for those of you who don’t babywear, but it’s worth every penny to me. With these two and our secondhand, much loved Ergo, we should be able to carry both babies at once, either one on each parent or both on one parent. This means A) I don’t have to worry about where Little Man is while I get the baby out of the car/ into the car/ into the shopping cart/ etc, B) That we all get some snuggle time, C) that we don’t need to buy a double stroller, and D) that we don’t need to figure out a way to make said double stroller fit in my little tiny car. We’ll have enough space issues.


Hubby used his $350 to buy all sorts of accessories for his Traxxas truck, which was his Christmas present. It was expensive, but it gets him out of the house, and he usually takes Philip with him to watch, so I can get WORK DONE for 20 minutes at a time (until the battery dies). I treasure those 20 minutes, and usually use them to drink a hot cup of tea and do some tidying up. It’s amazing. Anyways, at this point he’s replaced almost all the parts with “indestructible” metal parts, so we don’t have to keep putting money into replacing bits that he breaks. I think it’s money well spent.


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