When Frugality Means Spending

Since my son is an only child, we don’t get to hang out with many babies. Our neighbors all have kids, but they’re older and don’t want to play with a baby, or younger and don’t even crawl yet. At our last checkup, our pediatrician expressed some concern for LM’s social development, and thus Kidsville came into our lives.

Kidsville is one of those playgyms. It’s completely baby-proof, and you kind of just walk in, put your kid down, and let them run wild until they have a melt down or fall asleep on the foam ramp (ahem). We’ve been playing $10 per visit, and have only been three times before the checkup. However, we recently decided to cough up the money for a 6-month membership. With our military discount and the new member special they were running, our total came to about $130 for 6 months of unlimited play, a free class, and a $50 coupon for a birthday party. If we go 13 times, we’ll break even. If we go 14 times, the membership will start to pay for itself.


Disneyland is another expense we don’t HAVE to have, but really really like. Since we are living in Southern California, Disneyland is 1 hour away, and an annual pass is $600 or so. We love Disneyland, and decided early on that it’s worth getting annual passes in order to save some bucks on visits. If we visit 5 times, we broke even (factoring in free parking with an annual pass vs. $16 per car without).

We also splurge on quality. I recently spent $900 on a Lightspeed Zulu headset, which seems like a huge sum. However, I’ll likely have this headset until I die, which will save me money in the long run when I don’t have to buy a new $200 headset every few years. Plus, it’s got amazing sound quality, it’s lightweight, and it keeps me safer in the air because I can hear my fellow pilots.

Sure, you can go through your life not spending any money and only buying the cheapest of the cheap, but you have to ask yourself if it’ll cost you more in the long run.


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