Frugal Happenings

It’s important to take the pulse of your frugal adventures from time to time, just to remind yourself that the pennies make a difference.


Here’s what we’ve been up to lately:

  • We’ve been eating dinners at home, and I’ve been using leftovers to create new dishes. Hubby has something against eating leftovers, so if I can change the way they look, it’s better than letting them go bad because Little Man and I can’t eat them before they go bad. I try to cook just enough for us, but sometimes that can’t be done.
  • I sold a bunch of cloth diapers that we haven’t used in a while or that I bought in a lot and didn’t want. This is making us a nice little chunk of change!
  • I listed a few things on eBay.
  • I made my own coffee at home every day last week instead of buying coffee somewhere. I added creamer we bought on sale with a coupon.
  • We used our Kidsville membership three times last week, due to rainy weather and a serious case of the wiggles. It costs us a little less every time we use it! We also packed our own snacks (okay, lunches) instead of buying snacks there.
  • I sewed a few fitted diapers to either use with baby #2 or sell. They are stuffed with microfiber dish rags, which I bought at the Dollar Store in a 2 pack.
  • We visited the library as a family and checked out several books on buying your first home, plus one on investing. Why pay for books on how to save money? We did have a hefty fine from last time, so I put the due date on my Google Calendar, which is hooked up to my phone. I’ll now get an obnoxious reminder when the books are due.
  • Our insurance bill didn’t draft out of our account until a day late, so I called the company and they refunded out late fee because it was their error (usually the payment comes out on the 29th, but since there IS no February 29th, the computer automatically detected it as late. Woohoo!
  • I took advantage of Discover’s new credit score reporting tool. You can see your credit score for free if you’re a Discover customer!

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