Hello, Beautiful

I love Target for a multitude of reasons. First, they let you stack a manufacturer’s coupon with a Target coupon and add Cartwheel on top of it all. Second, they are generally clean, with nice bathrooms (as a pregnant mother of a toddler, this is crucial). Third, their checkers don’t treat you like a second class citizen when you use WIC checks. And most of all?


These. Hello, beautiful. I would say I get three or four of these super high value coupons a year, and I never fail to load Little Man into the car and drive to Target right away to take advantage. Because how often do you get $20 off of things you’ll use? AND you can stack it with manufacturer’s and Target coupons, AND you can use Cartwheel (if it’s available for the items the coupon covers).

Since we use Tide on our cloth diapers, I’m sure no one is shocked to learn I took advantage of that deal on Tide. Sadly, I couldn’t find any Target coupons to stack with it, and you had to buy the big containers (always buy the smallest available container for your coupons! That way you can use more coupons and spend less $$), but Tide is pricey and I was happy to find it on sale for $17.99, and I used a $1/1 coupon. I bought two bottles at $16.99 each.

I also bought one pack of Bounce dryer sheets. I know, dryer sheets aren’t green and they aren’t very frugal, but I like them. Our water is so hard that NOT using fabric softener and a dryer sheet results in crunchy clothing. I cut them in half, hamburger style, and find that half a dryer sheet works very much like a whole dryer sheet. I also run them through twice before retiring them and moving on to a new sheet. These were $5.89, and I had a $1/1 coupon, making them $4.89.

The final deal of this haul was Scott toilet paper. I got the 24 roll big pack ON CLEARANCE because of one hole in the package that had been repaired with tape. The TP was fine, and the wrapper’s just going in the trash anyways! $10.99, meet my $1/1 coupon. WhaBAM! $9.99 for the soft, thick TP that we use less of because it’s thick.

Also on this trip, although unrelated to the $20/$50 deal, I purchased one yellow chevron crib sheet. Little Man picked out the color from the gender neutral options I gave him. We have enough crib sheets for one toddler, but not enough for a toddler and a baby, even with doing wash every stinking day. I remember Little Man going through two crib sheets a day in those early stages, and now he goes through one every other day (heavy drooler, over here). We’ve been keeping a sharp eye out at the thrift stores, but to no avail- crib sheets just don’t seem to come in anything other than pink or blue! If we get to T minus 1 month, we will end up buying gender specific sheets and just dealing with it. The sheet was $9.99, and I had a Target coupon from their website for 20% off one baby item, making the price $7.99. I also used a Cartwheel deal for 15% off Circo crib bedding sets and sheets, making it $6.79.

I saved an additional 5 cents by bringing and using my own cloth bag. Less plastic bags cluttering up my house, less waste, and more savings? Heck yes I’ll tote bags around! Total price out of pocket: $38.77. Total saved? $27.25. Woop!!

When using one of these big coupons, it’s important to remember to make sure they ring up the big one first, then any manufacturer’s or Target coupons you may have. If they do it in the opposite order, chances are your total won’t come out to the minimum of $50 when they do ring up the big Kahuna. Also, remember that if you won’t use something, it’s not a good deal. Buying paper towels dirt cheap doesn’t do you any good if you prefer using dish rags, and having fifty cans of bathroom cleaner is a little bit of overkill. Use your judgement, and happy shopping!


2 thoughts on “Hello, Beautiful

    • We tried that, but Little Man does not stay still when he sleeps. He covers more territory than a football player! The blanket ended up just bunched up at the foot of the bed, or thrown off completely.

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