Frugal Happenings- Date Night on the Cheap!


I’ve been posting “frugal happenings” posts fairly randomly, but they deserve their own day. Keeping your finger on your frugal pulse helps keep your motivation up! Here’s what we did this week to save some money:

  • We’re going on a date tonight to take advantage of free child care being offered on base. We have from 6-9pm, and it’ll be good for Little Man to get to hang out with other kids! We’re planning on going to an Italian restaurant, which took the place of our regularly scheduled family dinner on Thursday (we usually go to the street fair for Thursday night dinner). We’ll drink water, and skip dessert. Considering child care usually costs $21-$36 for a similar time frame, I’m pleased with the savings.
  • I went grocery shopping with my coupons, and hit up multiple stores to maximize my savings. I got flour and applesauce at Costco (and you KNOW we went during lunchtime and sampled everything- free lunch!), bread at Trader Joe’s (It’s a little more expensive, but sooo much tastier that it’s worth it. Plus, TJ’s has free samples!), and coupon shopped at Target to take advantage of their stacking policy. Everything else came from the Commissary.
  • I made my own coffee every day this week, and added Coffee Mate creamer I bought with stacked coupons at Target. Cheaper than stopping, and I don’t have to wait for them to brew a new pot of decaf!
  • We ate at home every night this week, and emptied out our freezer quite a bit. My goal is to keep our freezer fairly empty for the next few months, so that we don’t end up with a full freezer come October and have to scramble to unload it before we move.
  • I sold several things on Bookoo, including a rifle sling my husband doesn’t like, a set of dishes we rarely use, and a teething necklace I got as a freebie with a lot of cloth diapers. I made more than $30 this week!
  • Little Man and I took advantage of our continued health care and had appointments at the chiropractor. My back is KILLING me during this pregnancy, and these visits help a lot.
  • I asked my friend if she would watch Little Man for my next doctor’s appointment. I’ve watched her daughter twice now, and she offered to watch LM during my appointments! This will save me $10-$15.
  • By turning off lights when we aren’t using them, opening the window shades during the day, unplugging our kitchen appliances, and not using the heat, we managed to cut our electricity usage by more than 100 KWH this month. I know February was a short month, but that’s still significant! We get a refund check if our electric usage remains below a “grace buffer”, and we’ll be getting $27 back this month.

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