This Is How I Coupon

I just wanted to share my last two grocery shopping trips with you. Both of these trips used coupons, and these pictures don’t include anything I bought with WIC checks.

First, the Commissary and Dollar Tree.

Retail (the price I would have paid with no coupons): $32.59.

OOP (Out of pocket price): $23.84.

That’s a savings of $8.75. All of these items are things we’ll use or eat (the hot dogs were for my husband’s platoon).


Next up is Target.

Retail: $88.43

OOP: $56.16

Total Saved: $32.27!


¬†Again, everything is stuff we’ll use or eat. The mini toothpaste and the two boxes of pens will go in shoeboxes we pack each October for children who would not otherwise get Christmas gifts. Check that out here!

Yes, there is a lot of shampoo in these pictures, but thanks to pregnancy #2, I’ve been having to take a shower every night instead of every other night like I used to. Hubby and I use the same shampoo, and we’ve been going through it a lot faster than normal, even though we water it down. I’m hoping this shampoo haul will last us until we move out, so I don’t have to buy more.

And yes, that is a pack of disposable diapers. We have to use them for nighttime, as we’ve never found a cloth diaper that will withstand a belly-sleeping, heavy wetting, directional peeing toddler while still fitting tight around the legs. We go through one pack a month, which I can usually buy with a Target coupon and Cartwheel.

The coffee and CoffeeMate are for Hubby at work. They have a system where a cup of coffee is $1, but if you bring in a bag of coffee or a container of creamer you get a week’s worth free. I can almost always find coffee for less than $5, so I generally supply the entire platoon with coffee in exchange for Hubby never having to pay for coffee. He also gets the contents of the coffee fund jar as extra take home pay for my frugal habits! The two bags of coffee pictured here were on clearance for $4.45 each, and Cartwheel knocked them down to $4.04 each. I then used a Target coupon for $1/2 to bring them down to $3.5x each, which is $3 savings on two weeks of coffee for Hubby. The creamers were $1.99 each (they were the cheapest flavor), and I used a manufacturer’s coupon and a Target coupon to take a total of $2.50 off of the two bottles. That’s $1.48 for two weeks worth of coffee, or a total four week savings of (ready for this? I was surprised) $11.52!


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