Good News, Everyone!

If you read that in Professor Farnsworth’s voice, we should be friends.


Anyways, the good news! I e-mailed my Aunt, who holds my student loan, and told her about our forays into paying off all of our debt ASAP.She isn’t currently charging us any interest on the $9,000 flight loan, which is fantastic as is, but she offered to let us postpone any more loan payments until we’ve payed off all our high interest (more than 4%) debt first. This means an extra $100 each month to put towards our interest bearing debts, which means we’ll be out of high interest debt a month sooner than planned! This may not sound like a lot, especially considering the last debt we’ll pay off currently has a 0% introductory interest rate, so we won’t actually save any money. However, we will now be out of high interest debt one day before Hubby separates from the Marine Corps!! That means less headaches, less money for us to pay each month to other people, and more of a chance for us to save some money if we can continue paying off an extra EXTRA $100 each month with my unbudgeted income.


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