No Green Pancakes Here

This is how our morning started


Why, yes, that is a pile of cast off shirts. You may have noticed neither of them are green. I changed Little Man’s shirt and my shirt after logging on to Facebook and seeing dozens of pictures posted by parenting pages of green pancakes, little leprechaun footprints, and hidden pots of gold. I did none of that, and not just because LM isn’t even two yet. Heck, the only reason we’re both wearing green is because we’re going out in public and I don’t want to get pinched.

I just don’t care. I love LM to the ends of the Earth and back, but seriously? Do we really need to celebrate every single holiday like it’s Christmas? We don’t do gifts, we don’t do treasure hunts, we don’t do anything. MAYBE when LM gets a little older we’ll have Lucky Charms for breakfast or something, but that’s it. One bowl of cereal and a green shirt.

I’m not trying to bash parents who do fix green pancakes and decorate their homes for every holiday, but let’s not make it the norm. All that does is make those of us who have a pile of cast off non-green shirts feel worse about ourselves and our perceived lack of holiday parenting. It also encourages your kids to expect more! better! and bigger! every year and for every holiday. I can’t even fathom how much worse it’ll get after LM goes into school. Can we collectively agree to take it down several notches?


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