Frugal Friday- Soup, Selling, and Diapers

We’re devoted to keeping our finger on our frugal pulse. This is what we did last week to save a buck or two (or fifteen!)


  • Yesterday Hubby, Little Man and I went out to eat at a local Mexican restaurant (Baby needed a cheese enchilada). I checked reviews on Yelp and happened to find a Yelp Deal for $30 worth of food for $15. Our total bill came to $32.xx, so we spent $21 on dinner and a tip for the three of us as opposed to the $38 we would have spent!
  • We continued using cloth diapers, washed in Tide purchased with double coupons at Target. We also continued using shampoo and conditioner bought on clearance with coupons.
  • I sold several curb finds and things we no longer use, including one of our three brooms, a wheeled stand, several diapers I bought expressly to resell, and a few shirts I don’t like the fit of. I made $65 this week!
  • We ate Dirt Cheap Soup, and will finish the leftovers of it tonight for dinner!
  • We made a trip to Costco for flour and applesauce, both of which are much cheaper to buy in bulk. We feasted upon their free samples, and didn’t need to eat lunch later that day!
  • I called our internet provider and got them to lower our rate just by asking! They dropped our rate to the current introductory rate, which is $20 lower than our current rate.
  • I cancelled our Citrus Lane subscription. I love Citrus Lane, but on our extreme savings budget I can’t justify the price anymore. Once we move and get settled down somewhere else with good jobs, I’ll start this back up again for sure!
  • We watched several movies we borrowed from the library, including Elysium (which I really didn’t like), Ender’s Game (which Hubby and I both loved), and Cowboys and Aliens (which was good). We returned them on time and didn’t incur any late fees!
  • I shipped a lot of motorcycle trophies I picked up off the curb and sold on eBay. Free money in my pocket! I would normally sell on Bookoo to avoid paying eBay’s fees, but some things are a little too specialized to go on Bookoo.
  • I bought two of my school books for May semester on eBay instead of from my college bookstore. After some extensive comparison shopping, I determined eBay had the best prices for those two particular books, and used my PayPal balance from selling on eBay and Cloth Diaper Trader to pay for the books. I still have more to buy, but my short book list is VERY expensive this semester, so I’m spreading it out over the next few paychecks to lessen the financial blow.

Did you do anything frugal this week?


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