Frugal Friday- Toothbrushes and Bar Soap

Here we are again, at the doctor’s office, about to take our frugal pulse. Except it’s my couch. And I’m not paying anyone.


This week, we did the following to save some moolah:

  • I used an at-home dry cleaning product to clean Hubby’s uniform. For God knows what reason, all Marines have to wear one of their dress uniforms on Fridays, which is uncomfortable and was racking up quite a dry cleaning bill, even if we only took them in every other week. Plus, we had to get new chevrons sewn on to Hubby’s uniform because of his promotion, so we would have ended up paying EXTRA to get them cleaned and pressed because the addition of chevrons made it a “rush job”. I don’t see how a week is “rush”, but whatever. The $5 Woolite stuff worked very nicely, and we have enough for the next two months of “dry cleaning”. Finish up with an iron and the uniform is good as new!
  • My friend and I went to Target and used their $20 off $100 of baby stuff. We’re both due around the same time, and we both have almost everything we’ll need for baby, but not everything, so we decided to use the coupon together so we didn’t waste that great deal. I ended up with a pack of disposable diapers for Little Man (we use disposables on overnight trips, which we’ll be taking soon to get Hubby’s parents), wipes, a step stool, two pairs of binkies, and a pack of the Gerber prefold cloth diapers. I know they’re dreadful excuses for diapers on their own, but when used as doublers, they actually add a nice little bit of absorbency without breaking the bank.
  • I also picked up noodles at 67 cents/box, toothbrushes that gave me back .43 cents each, and bar soaps for $1/2 bars. The toothbrushes and soap will go in shoe boxes for next year’s Operation Christmas Child. Shopping all year long for this saves me SO much money, and allows me to fill a lot more shoe boxes than I could otherwise.
  • I booked a hotel for when we go pick up Hubby’s parents. They hate driving in Southern California, and my mother-in-law doesn’t understand that this is the one place on Earth where it is infinitely safer to drive 70 mph than it is to drive 50 mph. We therefore drive up to pick them up where the “city” starts, mostly so they arrive in once piece and there are no panic attacks. I booked through Swagbucks, which should push my balance up enough to redeem my SBs for a $25 PayPal card! We’re also sharing a room with my brother-in-law, so he’ll pay for gas.
  • We visited JoAnne’s fabric to get some things for Hubby to make survival bracelets in his spare time, and I found St. Patrick’s day clearance items for 50 cents each. I snagged a bunch of toys and crafts for the shoe box project.
  • We ate one of the freezer meals I had made a while ago. IMG_1739It was a casserole, so when I was cooking it I made a double batch, took half to the potluck I was making it for, and froze the rest in two portions. Then when I don’t feel like cooking, I can open the bag, dump it in a 9×9 pan, top it with cheese, and bake, and POOF! dinner without resorting to takeout. I’ve recently become a big fan of this kind of cooking. Note: It’s best to freeze your bags flat, thus making them stackable. I have a piece of cardboard on the little shelf in my freezer just for this. I didn’t when I froze this particular casserole, and you can see the lines the shelf made.
  • I made coffee at home every day this week instead of picking it up en route. Considering the coffee came from a big tin I got at the commissary for $4.99, and the creamer was .98 for a bottle, I’m coming out WAY ahead on this one.
  • I also bought Hubby two bottles of creamer at.98 cents each, and three bags of coffee that ended up being $2 each. I’ve written about why here.
  • Little Man has been playing happily with his toy ride-on motorcycle all week. It’s just a plastic motorcycle that’s big enough to be ridden on. No engine, no noise, nothing fancy. We picked it up from the curb, cleaned it, and BAM! new favorite.
  • As usual, we’re cloth diapering, and washing our diapers in Tide purchased with stacked coupons (and usually on clearance).

Did you do anything frugal this week?


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