In The Spirit Of Full Disclosure…

Since I promised to share everything about our finances as we go through this debt journey, I feel that I need to share:

We unfroze our Discover cards today.

We’re driving twenty miles south to Buy Buy Baby.

We’re buying one of the $240+ car seats we need for when Baby comes.

We’ve chosen to defrost the Discover card for this because we earn 1% cash back on the purchase, and I can’t find any other freaking discounts on this particular brand of carseat.


There is a redeeming part of this story, however! I intend to pay off the extra $260 some charge as soon as it shows up on the Discover statement. The money is sitting pretty in my bank account, ready to go, and I just need to hit “Pay” when the charge shows up.

Update: Before heading out, I sat down with my handy dandy coupon generator laptop to check for cheaper options, since BuyBuy Baby will price match. Lo and behold, one website had the Pria70 with TinyFit (which is the version we needed for Baby) for $219.xx instead of $289.99! The fabric is a slightly different color than it’s advertised, so it can’t be sold at full price. I’m perfectly fine with my total black car seat not being totally black, so I snatched that up!

Then, we went to BuyBuy Baby and found Little Man’s version was on sale for $212.xx instead of $249.99! I almost screeched in the middle of the store, I was so excited. I did jump up and down a little bit. However, when we went to check out, it rang up as $249.99. I asked the sales associate to send someone to check the price, and it turns out the sale was over. Since the sign was still out, though, they gave me that price!

BOOM! Just like that, we paid $442.xx for two carseats instead of $580.xx. That’s $138.xx savings right there, just from pre-shopping and asking for a price check. I’m pretty pleased with myself, if I do say so myself.


2 thoughts on “In The Spirit Of Full Disclosure…

    • Multiple reasons. First, we’re determined to keep our kids rear facing as long as possible, since it’s so much safer. Because of this, we had to find car seats that would fit two across behind the passenger and driver seats RF in our Honda Fit, which is no easy task. We had a choice of two seats for LM (The Maxi-Cosi Pria 70 and the Chicco NexFit), and a choice of one for Baby (The Maxi-Cosi). None of the cheaper convertible seats we looked at would fit behind the seats and still allow us to scoot the seat back so someone could comfortably drive with the clutch, and we really don’t like the idea of a baby seat since we’d just end up having to replace it with a convertible as Baby got bigger. The seats we got RF up to 40 pounds (the highest limit we’ve found) and have a high RF height limit while still fitting behind the front seats, which is important since we tend to have long, skinny babies.

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