It’s Frugal Friday Again!

It’s Friday again, which means we check up on our frugal happenings this week!

  • We have family over, and the pantry challenge kind of took a dive. I ran out of food a lot faster than I anticipated I would, due partially to the family, partially to my brother-in-law coming over way more often during the week (this is the human garbage disposal), and partially to the growth spurts both Baby and LM are going through. As a result, we’re all eating a lot more than I had anticipated.
  • I did make a Target trip for toilet paper (another item I woefully overestimated my stockpile of), kitty litter, and a few other items, and saved $90 with stacked coupons, paying $45.xx out of pocket. I also made a trip to the MCX and got 4 toothbrushes for Operation Christmas Child (all four were free with a kick ass coupon) and a tube of lip gloss for 99 cents.
  • We have been tearing through coffee, which I purchased on clearance with a coupon. However, we’re still saving a ton of money by making it at home instead of stopping to buy it. I’ve gotten in the habit of filling my to-go cup before we leave the house, and it stays warm all day (it’s a Contigo mug I got for free off the curb).
  • IMG_1760
  • We are planning on going to the Great Cloth Diaper Change this Saturday, and there’s a cloth diaper/kids clothing garage sale going on at the same time. I have a big bin of things to take and sell, so hopefully that’ll pad our checking account nicely.
  • We are also planning on going to the San Diego Zoo on Sunday. Military members get in free, so Hubby and his brother will be free, as will LM (since he’s under 3).


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