I Am A Murderer.

*Note- I realize it’s the 1st of the month, and I promise I will get our budget post up within a few days. Hubby’s parents are still here, and budget posts take so long to write thatI don’t want them to think I’m ignoring them. Today’s their last day here, so maybe tomorrow.

Yesterday, I was a murderer. Twice.

First, I made the decision to wash Little Man’s Pooh Bear pillow pet thing, because it was really disgusting and starting to smell like sour milk. I put it in the washer while LM was eating lunch, not thinking a thing of it.

After lunch, I asked LM to help me unload the washer and put things in the dryer. The last thing to come out was Pooh Bear.

(I can see all you experienced parents cringing)

I threw Pooh in the dryer.

Little Man let out an anguished yowl I can only liken to a cat who is on his way to the vet in his cat carrier, and proceeded to wail and cry as I turned on the dryer. He spent twenty minutes standing next to the dryer, sobbing as Pooh dried off enough to play.

Clearly, I am a murderer. LM wouldn’t even look at me for half the day.

Then we decided to take Hubby’s parents to the beach, as they’re from Wyoming and have never been. I beat Hubby home, and stripped LM down for a shower. I decided to pull out the fingerpaint soap I’d gotten at Target that day, which was red

(I can hear all of you experienced parents chuckling).

Red bathtub paint looks a lot like blood. And it gets everywhere. After washing and drying LM, it was still all over the walls, all over the shower floor, etc, but I had to get LM fed and in bed, so I just left it. Hubby still had to take a shower, so he could rinse it all down, right?

Hubby heads upstairs.

I hear him open the bathroom door, pull back the shower curtain…

And suck in a lot of air before yelling, “Honey, did you kill someone in our shower?”

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Hubby.


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