April Goal Recap (Two Steps Forward, Three Steps Back)

April brought showers for us. First, we made the decision to buy Little Man and Baby the carseats they would need this month, because we didn’t have a lot of bills and there was a very good sale. We unfroze our credit cards for this, and used our savings to pay off all but $100 of this fee. Then, a mere two days later, the starter went out in Hubby’s truck. Apparently when the previous owner changed out the transmission he didn’t replace the starter with one that could handle the extra power, so it’s been on the way out for a while. Then Hubby’s parents came to visit, and that pantry challenge that I gave myself bit me in the butt as we ran out of food and I had to increase the food budget so we could eat (I literally had half a jar of coconut oil and a box of Cheerios, plus ketchup and mustard. That was it). We also had a few other emergency expenses related to Hubby’s job, which I’m not at liberty to discuss (doesn’t that sound cool?).


So here we are, deeper in debt than at the start of the month. My April goals were to:

  • Pay off $1,100 worth of debt. This did happen, but unfortunately we piled on more debt because of the crap timing of the carseats/starter/food/work stuff. On the bright side, we are less in debt than we WOULD have been, but we’re no further out of debt. I paid off a total of $1,111.12 (what are the odds?)
  • Re-evaluate our debt payment plan with Hubby’s new paycheck. I am giving myself a bit of a break on this one, because only one of our April paychecks reflected the pay increase. I THINK I got this sorted out, but this month will be a learning curve as well. I’m repeating this goal again in May just in case.
  • Re-evaluate our month-to-month budget based on Hubby’s new paychecks. Again, work in progress. We have to see how this month goes, so I’ll be repeating this goal in May as well.
  • Sell our boat. DONE! We got $700 for it, and put most of that into paying off the crap that came up. We also put a chunk into LM’s college account/our emergency account, because I realized that not having an emergency account was stressing me out a lot. Even though we’re paying more interest this way, I sleep better at night.
  • Complete a Pantry Challenge. I’m chalking this one up as a win, even though we didn’t make it to the end of the month without buying groceries. Since we literally ran out of food, though, I consider this goal accomplished.
  • Post 5 items on Bookoo every day. Nope. Didn’t happen. I did very well at the start of the month, but when Hubby’s parents came I stopped, since I didn’t want them to feel ignored.

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