May Finances and Goals

I’m a few days late with this post, but my in-laws were in town and we were having some family time. It was very nice, and I’m glad they got to come see Little Man and Baby!


May is still kind of a financial transition period for us. Hubby got promoted in April, so this is our first full month of Sergeant’s pay, and I’m still kind of trying to figure out how our budget works now. On top of that, several financial hockey pucks hit us in the head last month (mostly due to crap timing), and we’re now further in debt than we were last month. Boo, debt, boo.

May’s pay periods are from April 31st-May 13th, and May 14th-May 29th. It’s the fourth month of our snowball debt reduction plan. So far we’ve paid off $8,802.68!

Our total income for the month (not counting any extra I make from side ventures such as Bookoo) is expected to be around $2,580.

We have these bills

  • Insurance: $235
  • Internet: $37
  • Cell Phones: $42
  • Disneyland Tickets: $99
  • Netflix:$8
  • Savings: $110
  • Haircuts: $40
  • TOTAL: $472.00 (Ooh, that’s down from last month!)

And these budgets:

  • Gas: $200
  • Food: $250
  • Thursdays: $250
  • Miscellaneous: $200
  • TOTAL: $900.00

We owe:

  • Credit Card #1: $1,113.74
  • Credit Card #2: $2,498.44
  • Car Loan: $9,377.46
  • Line of Credit: $497.24
  • Student Loan: $8,850.00
  • TOTAL: $22,336.88 ($4,109.42 of this is high interest)

Our snowball payment plan looks like this:

  • Credit Card #1: $25.00
  • Credit Card #2: $703.34
  • Car Loan: $321.66
  • Line of Credit: $50.00
  • Student Loan: $0.00
  • TOTAL: $1,000


  1. Pay off $1,100 of debt. This will require me to make an extra $100 through Bookoo and various other side ventures, then put that money towards our debt!
  2. Re-evaluate our debt payment plan and monthly budget. Like I said, this is our first full month of having Sgt. pay, so we’re still figuring it out.
  3. Sell at least 10 things on Bookoo. I just want stuff GONE!
  4. Take at least 3 bags of stuff to the Bring-and-take on base, and leave with less than I brought. Every so often, a church group comes on base and does a Bring-and-Take. It’s exactly what it sounds like- you bring stuff you no longer want, then get to come back the next day and fill one bag with stuff you do need. My list consists of toddler shorts, maternity shorts, and newborn gender neutral clothes. That’s about it.
  5. Start the semester off right by getting a week ahead right off the bat! School starts midway through May, and I’ve switched majors with the intention of having a more portable degree (Biology is my passion, but the job market in small towns is almost nil. Business Administration will give me more options).
  6. Survive and keep the baby, toddler, and Hubby alive. At 8 months pregnant, I’m about ready to be DONE with this.

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