Our Eventual Spiral Into Natural Living


My husband and I never sat down and said, “Let’s be green!” Our forays into green living began slowly, and have collected faster and faster over time.

First, I grew up with a huge collection of food allergies, mostly to preservatives. I ate mostly organic food because it was “safe”, and this carried over into our married life. I also brought an insane desire to conserve water due to having a cistern at my childhood home, a composting drive thanks to living on grazed land, and an obsession with turning off lights thanks to living in a camper trailer with no generator for years. We never turn our heat or air on because our vents make a sound like Cthulu waking up and taking over the world.

Secondly, we live in Southern California, where anything and everything can be recycled. Milk jugs? Sure! Cereal boxes (and the bags inside)? Throw em on in! Your kitchen sink, banana peels, and dead mice? Probably! It’s much nicer than using the trash, because recyclables don’t smell and don’t leak on the floor when Little Man knocks over the bin.

Then Little Man came along. Breastfeeding was a no-brainer, and we opted to cloth diaper because it’s SOOOO much cheaper than using disposables. We’ve spent maybe $500 on diapers, versus the $640 we would have spent on 32 boxes of disposables, and we’ll save even more if a second baby comes along. And when we’re done with babies and diapers, we can resell them! Seriously, used cloth diapers hold their value better than ANYTHING. Forget the stock market, buy cloth diapers! Along with CDing came using natural laundry soap to avoid buildup in the diapers, and air-drying.

Co-sleeping and babywearing came next as we realized they were the only things that kept us sane. LM would start the night in his crib, then come to bed with us to breastfeed and stay there because I was too tired to put him back. We still room share with him because it’s easier than walking all the way down the hall to check on him.

Are you noticing a theme here? Natural living really intersects with frugal, lazy living. I get a big thrill from saving money, so it’s a really good choice for us!