Here are a selection of online tools I find very useful. I hope they help you as much as they’ve helped me!


  • TimeValue Financial Calculators. I use these calculators to determine how much investments will be worth in the future, as well as how much debts will end up costing me.
  • Snowball Debt Calculator. This website helps us keep track of our snowball plan. It offers options for interest rate snowballing vs. balance snowballing.
  • Mint. This is my budgeting BFF. I would be lost without it, for real. I really recommend using it!


  • Montessori Toys. Everything on this site is very high quality, and will last through multiple children. Their toys adhere to Montessori standards.
  • Alternate Vaccination Schedule. This is Dr. Sears’ recommended schedule, and we have followed it with Little Man. It spaces out vaccinations while still ensuring your child gets them all.
  • Cloth Diaper Trader. This is a great resource for used cloth diapers. If you’re just getting started with cloth and don’t want to spend a lot of money, used is the way to go!
  • Saving Our Sons. If you’re expecting a boy, I urge you to read up on why circumcision is a cruel and outdated practice before you send your son under the knife. It’s a major surgery, and it does have very real consequences. SOS is a great place to start.

Frugal Services I Lurve

  • Dollar Shave Club. When your husband is in the military, he has to shave every single day. When your husband grows a Brillo pad from his chin, he needs to shave twice a day. This means he goes through a razor head each and every week, which adds up to a LOT of moolah. DSC costs Hubby $6 a month, and he gets enough razors to last him the month. It’s by far the cheapest option we’ve found, and I figure it’s saved us about $36 in the half a year we’ve used it. *This is a referral link. If you click it and sign up for DSC through it, we get a $5 credit to our account. You’ll get your own referral link after you sign up!
  • Swagbucks. This can be a dud for some people, but if you do a lot of couponing, online shopping, or traveling, you can book/buy/print through this site and get Swagbucks back. These can then be redeemed for lots of cool things, including PayPal cash. It’s equivalent to about 1% cash back, but when paired with a rewards card like Discover, it effectively doubles the cash back you’re getting. *This is a referral link. If you click it and sign up for Swagbucks, I’ll earn 10% of the SB you earn for a set time period.

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